1. N

    Considering a new ISP - please help

    Hi guys. I've been with webafrica for a while now (100/25mb uncapped octotel). Since ive started streaming i've decided i want to upgrade the upload to 100 aswell. However i see a couple other ISPs have 100/100 for about 100-200 bucks cheaper. Speeds are pretty inconsistent at peak times...
  2. Nimz

    40MB vs 100MB Fibre - Is it worth it?

    Currently on a 40MB/20MB Fibre line Is it worth upgrading to 100MB? Do most servers support it or is it still limited on their end to a slower speed? Guys that have upgraded, what is your opinion on this? Is 4K streaming default on Youtube etc? Will 400GB be enough for day usage as...
  3. W

    Mixing 100Mb and Gigabit networks

    Hi - Anyone know if this will work? I have a Linksys WRT54GS (DD-WRT firmware) that connects to my ADSL modem and controls the connection plus is my DHCP server, my Wi-Fi access point etc. Now I have 3 PC's with Gigabit network cards and I want to utilise them :-) Can I stick a 4 or 8 port...