1. SPC41089

    Any idea what the Black Friday deals for November 2018 will be?

    Just curious as I have the 50GB deal and would like to upgrade.
  2. D

    Is the Huawei Store in Menlyn (Pretoria) closed or open?

    I wanted to visit the Huawei store yesterday (Sunday 10 June 2018), but it was closed. Granted it was a Sunday, so I thought maybe they're closed on Sundays. But then when I wanted to check their business hours this morning with a Google search, the store doesn't come up and it is also not...
  3. scienide

    Bestmed 2018

    To all those medical aid guru's out there. Bestmed is changing their plans structure for 2018. We are currently on Pace 1 Linked and pasted below is still the 2017 plan One of the major things they are dropping is cancer treatment. Now my main question is. Do I up my plan to...