1. M

    Mweb speeds

    Howzit guys, Sometime last year due to COVID, the company I work for decided to pay for our fibre lines so that we could work from home. We were given the base speed of 20/20 Mbps on the Mweb ISP. Now, because I wasn't paying for the fibre, I wasn't too fussed when the speeds were inadequate or...
  2. Loppas

    Cell C on Fibre in Cape Town. How is your experience?

    Hi, I have a friend who is on the 20/20 cell c fibre package through vumatel and his experience has been pretty awful for the most part. Main issues: 1. He stays in cpt but he gets 40ms to cpt and he gets 178ms to london. However, to joburg his ping sits in the 20s which is normal. Its...