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    The term 3G or Third Generation is commonly used as a marketing term, however 3G is the name given to a group of several different technologies - some 3G technologies are closely related to one another, while other 3G technologies differ vastly from one another. The following is a list of 3G...
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    Simple and Stable and Cost effective ADSL and 3G failover solution for LAN needed

    Say, I'm looking for suggestions. Available: One ADSL pppoe/LAN/WAN port. A 3G service and modem is still to be purchased. What hardware options do I need? I'm looking for a solution with and without external router. It must be ethernet based i.e. able to plug into the LAN and act as a GATEWAY. Tx
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    Overcharge and Soft-lock with 3G

    This month I have been unable to use my 3G, and upon calling the customer service agent, I have been informed that I have to pay R1900 for the month of April. However, this should not be possible for 2 very good reasons: 1. I have a debit order set up, and they have successfully deducted...