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    Buying a BMW 320d with 80 000km - Good idea?

    Hi all, like the title says, I am thinking about buying a 320d with 80 000km on the clock. Anyone know what maintenance costs are like once the motorplan runs out at 100k ? Bit scared about buying german at an advanced age.
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    E46 BMW 320d

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in buying a 2002/2003 BMW 320d. The one I'm looking at, has 99 000 km's on the clock. What I'm worried about is the turbo. How reliable is the turbo on this car? I know that there were issues with these turbos, but I heard BMW recalled them. So would this car have been...
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    BMW & Motorplan Q&A

    Got a '05 320d which is still in Motorplan. Well since the Motorplan is in the previous owner's name - does that cause any problem at all? Or do I just call up and book the car in with my name. Nothing wrong with the car, just wanna have it run through by the technicians.