3g broadband

  1. Ho3n3r

    Force UMTS on Huawei K3772 Modem - Possible?

    Short and simple: I have been using a cellphone as our 3G modem as on Vodacom it almost never picks up GPRS, never mind EDGE/GPRS. Now, with 8ta, I have been getting much better signal. Now I want to force the connection somehow to only use 3G, as I am doing on the cellphone. On the phone...
  2. carstensdj

    Broadband Advice

    Hi All, So i have moved into a new place and require internet access for work as i often have to remotely log in to sites after hours... I dont have a Telkom line in my place so am probably leaning more towards the 3G side of things... My boss is willing to fund this as it will be used...
  3. D

    Netgear MBR624GU 3G wireless router with Netgear DG834GU v5 router as repeater

    Hi all, I'm a noob when it comes to techno-jargon, and I need some help with the following: Am trying to improve the coverage of my wireless signal in my house, generated from my Netgear MBR624gu 3G router, by using the standard Telkom DO Broadband router (Netgear DG834GU v5) as a...