3rd party

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    MTN 3rd Party Contract Upgrades

    I really need some help. A few months ago a 3rd party (not MTN) called to say my MTN contract was ready for an upgrade. Stupidly, I said yes. Weeks passed, eventually a box arrived containing not what I ordered but a router instead. According to the instructions I returned it to MTN directly and...
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    Car buying using other person

    I'd like to know if you earn enough but can't directly purchase a car because of poor credit score and there's a willing 3rd party in the form of a family/friend to buy such what do they need and also do they have to be residing close by?:whistle:
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    Right of a 3rd Party Claimant

    I was recently in an accident where the other driver was fully at fault. I only have 3rd party insurance on this vehicle. So my insurance is not involved. His insurance is wanting to write off my vehicle and pay me out about 2/3 of its value. I would prefer not to write off the vehicle as it...
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    Insurance claim No license, only Learners (not at fault)

    So i have been looking around first to see if i can get the same topic but with no luck so hopefully someone can let me know what i can expect? My fiance was in a multi vehicle accident that was not her fault, the driver who's fault it was smashed into a car behind my fiance which resulted in...