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    Ford Figo 1.4 TPS Connector

    I have a 2012 Ford Figo and I need a 4 pin female TPS connector that looks similar to this, but I am sure I can find it a Ford dealership. My question rather is do you get a male 4 pin TPS connector for the Ford Figo where you can connect wires into similar to the image above. Currently it...
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    Easiest way to convert 3 pin to 4 pin (fans)

    Hi all, I've just returned to SA from the UK and I'm building a rig. Unfortunately I realised that my case has 4 pin fans, and my mobo only has one 4 pin connector, while all the others are 3 pin. I need some form of an adapter? If I connect to molex connectors, will I still be able to...