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    LTE connection but i have LTE-A coverage

    Hi everyone, so i recently got my Huawei B525s-65a LTE/LTE-A router with a telkom Data plan from Webafrica(TELKOM Package) which is month to month. I asked Telkom will i be able to get LTE-A connection because i have coverage in my Area, and they said it will connect to LTE-A,even Webafrica...
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    Cell C LTE-A

    Hey guys any advise would be appreciated my Service has suddenly stopped working when my data was depleted even when I bought a top-up data bundle still nothing Contacted my ISP to confirm the data is activated they advised to reboot my router and remove my sim for a few seconds and try again...
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    huawei p8 LTE Advanced compatible?

    is the Huawei p8 LTE advanced compatible. cause i dont want to have this phone if it cant have LTE Advanced compatability didnt know LTE advanced is actually 384 Megabytes MAX Speed thats alot and can be over used in one area until there less than 1 meg left in speed. then we must WAIT YEARS...