4g router

  1. E

    What 4g RMobile router (with Lan Connection) will you recommend?

    I Just got my Data sim form Vodacom and I need to get a 4g Wifi router(that able to work with a vodacom Sim) with Lan connection as I still use my Desktop at home but I also want to be able to move the router around and that it is able to work during load shedding without power when needed. I...
  2. J

    ZTE MF286C 4G LTE Router - SOLD

    Item name:ZTE MF286C 4G LTE Router Up to 300Mbps Download speed Up to 50Mbps Upload speed Connect up to 64 devices Age and condition: Brand New - un-opened Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes-can return if not working Reason for selling: using existing b618 router with new contract...
  3. N

    Huawei 4G LTE Router B593 & Poynting XPOL-6 [SOLD]

    Item name :Huawei 4G LTE B593 router with Poynting Xpol 6 Antenna (Antenna mounting bolts and bracket still in packet not used). All in good working conditions, received with Telkom LTE uncapped contract Age and condition: +2 years Do you include packaging: Yes, original packaging included...
  4. homeboy

    LTE portable router R216

    Item name (be very descriptive): R216 portable router, takes all sim card, connect up to 5 devices. Age and condition:7months old Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes 1year and 5months Reason for selling: not using. Price:R800 Negotiable: No. Location: cape town Shipping or...
  5. Y

    LTE Router less than cost from PoyntingDirect - Contact ivy.matlawa@poynting.co.za

    Hi We are selling out old stock of ZTE routers for less than cost. Why are we selling them for next to nothing? 1. According to feedback from customers the interface is not very user friendly - but that should not be a problem for MyBB readers:). 2. They do NOT work on Telkom. Please note...