8ta bad service

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    Avoid Telkom, they are Thieves in not even fancy clothing

    Do you have a Telkom mobile Contract? have you ever run out of data 8 days before month end...did you make the mistake of topping up your data? If you did, there is a chance that Telkom has robbed you as well, now bear with me on this. Lets say you get 50GB a month, and between netflix and you...
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    Why approve a contract if you don't have the stock (IT IS NOT FAIR ON CUSTOMERS!)

    :mad::mad:I took out two contracts for the Huawei P9 lite at the Adderley street Telkom branch. I ordered black and gold they said they were receiving stock this week. Now when I call to ask "around when this week?", they saY they did receive stock but only for the customers that had signed...
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    Really Bad Service By 8ta Support

    I am experiencing very bad service by the 8ta Support team. I am still awaiting them to fix the LTE issue with the download speeds since 28 Dec, 2012. The last I heard, they were still awaiting the technical team to do some upgrade on the tower. I am getting 5Mbps on LTE, much slower than 3G...