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    How much are you making from Adsense

    I've been running google ads on my sites for a while now and have been making around R400 per month. I'm curious to know what others are making?
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    Any one knows Google Adsense Alternatives in South Africa

    I have 5 blogs but I don't make enough money from Google Adsense. Someone suggested Propeller Ads Media said it gives 80% payout to publishers like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Any knows another alternative I can use in South Africa
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    Adsense: What if i dont have a post address

    I was reading the article about Adsense, and also read on the other forums on the interwebs. So my question is, if i don't have a post address to receive the pin/code from Google for the verification, how do i go about? , would be nice to hear from South Africans who already have an Adsense...
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    Adsense Has a new primary form of payment

    Finally, we don't have to rely on the post office to bring our cheques. Google Adsense has a new primary form of payment and now it's via our banks. :D:D:D If you check your account you will see there is that option now!!! No more waiting! Thank God!!!!:p:p:p
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    Adsense Guide for South African Dummies by A Dummy

    Hey SA newbie bloggers or aspiring bloggers! No offence intended for calling you dummies ;). I am a dummy though, and proud. Reason I decided to start this thread is because I have seen quite a number of Adsense related questions about the Google Adsense program. I figured most fellow SA...
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    zar cheques not accepted from 20 july 2013

    I just went to deposit my lastest Google Adsense cheque and was told that from 20 July they will no longer be accepting ZAR as a form of payment. Notice on Nedbank website reads: Do those of you getting international cheques have any news on this? Particularly with regards to Google...