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    Limited Line Speed In My Area and Possible Alternatives to Telkom ADSL

    Hi Guys, I'm currently using Afrihost as my ISP and wanted to upgrade from the current 2Mbps Package to either an 8Mbps or 10Mbps package however when I entered my telephone number on the Afrihost and Telkom websites I see that the max I can go is 2Mbps. I spoke to a Telkom technician and he...
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    Advise needed. Telkom Vs Afrihost. Really confused.

    So, for the last month, I have had my ups and downs with my ADSL connection. Over the course of this period, I have had 4 fault reports with Telkom, multiple calls from their techies and a single visit, however my line has been doing some strange things. Firstly, I have an Afrihost 4MB...