afrihost business

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    Afrihost shaping business uncapped

    I am on 8Mbps uncapped business. From 8:30pm until 10:30pm every night for the last few weeks my torrents drop to about an eighth of their normal speed and I can no longer game as my ping jumps to around 900ms. Speedtest works fine and swapping to Webafrica account works perfectly so it isn't...
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    Afrihost signup is broken

    I have tried to give my money to Afrihost but they just won't take it. Is anyone else having any issues signing up? Is anyone else even trying to sign up?
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    1/2Mbps Afrihost business vs telkom business

    I am currently with Afrihost business and have no problems with them, in fact its probably 1 of the best uncapped services available. My main concern now is the cost and the speed upgrades. Would rather have a 2Mb line than a 1Mb for the same price :) From the sounds of it, it does not seem...