afrihost call center

  1. J

    Afrihost's trying really hard!!!

    I am sitting here, can't sleep so I thought I would come and see What is / has happened thats worth reading on My Broadband as I find lot's to keep me busy. And low and behold I see Afrihost Support Form!!! Now i think to myself yet another 'Best ISP' support channel of the 99999 Million that...
  2. H

    Afrihost whatsapp support stinks.

    Can someone please address Afrihost’s useless support? Called at 16:01 and told I would be called back. It is now 20:04 and no one has called me. The idiots on their whatsapp support give you a pathetic answer when they feel like it. I sent an email on Monday, today is Thursday and I have had...
  3. Johnatan56

    The Telkom "experience"

    Line is down for: Tuesday the 21st at 10:22 For some reason new ref # given. Telkom Supervisor helpful in actually making a tech show up. The Telkom "Experience" Telkom techs (4 different) First one on the 25th (Saturday) (4 days response time...): Can't do ****, exchange is closed on...