1. NeonNinja

    [S] Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen

    Item name (be very descriptive): Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Heather Grey) Age and condition: Brand new. Still sealed. Do you include packaging: Yes. Warranty: Unknown. Reason for selling: Unwanted prize. Price: R750 - Not Negotiable. Location: East London. Shipping or collection: Collection...
  2. NeonNinja

    Sir Alex Ferguson: Chewing gum auctioned, sold for €460,000

    Manchester (AP) - The supposedly final chewing gum Trainer retiree Sir Alex Ferguson has been auctioned according to media reports on Ebay for around half a million euros. In the product description it said: "After 1500, Chews-intensive games as Man Utd manager Fergie is here last piece of...
  3. F

    The Situation in Alex

    Over the past few days I've heard residents of Alex spewing a bunch of crud regarding foreigners staying in Alex. Things like foreigners stealing jobs, women (WTF? :confused:), causing corruption ( :rolleyes:). Some poor foreign oke had his tuck shop looted by these...