ameer cajee

  1. Jan

    We have proof Africrypt wasn't hacked - private investigator

    Criminal charges for South Africa's Bitcoin Brothers — despite R80 million payoff A group of Bitcoin investors are pushing for criminal charges against individuals who run a cryptocurrency platform in South Africa suspected to have been fraudulent, in a case that might prove challenging to...
  2. Jan

    South Africa's "R54 billion" Bitcoin Brothers - from fairytale to horror story

    Rise and fall of South Africa's "R54 billion" Bitcoin Brothers Brothers Raees and Ameer Cajee have ruined people’s lives, and it is only a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with them. Those were the words of private investigator Sean Peirce, who spoke to Carte Blanche in...
  3. Jan

    South Africa's Bitcoin Brothers file answering affidavit in Africrypt liquidation case

    South African Bitcoin Brothers — our lawyer was threatened and father kidnapped Raees Cajee, one of the infamous “Bitcoin Brothers” who co-founded Africrypt and is accused of absconding with bitcoin worth R51 billion, has filed court papers to oppose the liquidation of the company. “The media...
  4. Jan

    Africrypt Bitcoin brothers took money from "very dangerous people" they shouldn't have

    South Africa's Bitcoin brothers "stole from the wrong guy" Raees and Ameer Cajee, the brothers who founded Africrypt, are on the run because they apparently took money from the wrong man. "They stole from the wrong guy. There is nowhere on Earth they can hide," a source with intimate knowledge...
  5. Jan

    Africrypt founder says only R72 million in Bitcoin was lost in hack

    South African Bitcoin brother reveals how much is missing — and it is not R51 billion Raees Cajee, who founded Africrypt with his brother Ameer, told The Wall Street Journal that less than $5 million (R72 million) was lost when their platform was hacked. Bloomberg previously reported that the...
  6. Jan

    More details emerge about Africrypt founders who disappeared after "hack"

    Bizarre details about Africrypt founders who disappeared along with R51 billion in Bitcoin Two South African brothers, Raees and Ameer Cajee, recently vanished along with an estimated R51 billion in Bitcoin from their cryptocurrency investment platform Africrypt. Details are now emerging...