1. Z

    Bad Echo on analogue PSTN Line in voip system

    My client is reporting very bad echo on their incoming voip calls. They have narrowed it down to, only calls coming in on the FXO port, and apparently it only happens if the caller is calling from a cellphone. I am running a Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX. So to summarise: Land line...
  2. joppenheim

    Can you achieve analog telephone comms over powerline?

    Hi there Does anybody know of a powerline-type device that would allow analog telephone communication? I have purchased a house and it has the incoming Telkom line into one of the rooms, but we need to extend the line to the rest of the house. Normally, you run extra cabling throughout the...
  3. Rouxenator

    DVI vs VGA

    Is it just me or are there any others out there that also wants to :sick: when they see a LCD that has DVI input connected to a PC (with DVI output) but instead of using DVI they go with the old VGA connection. It is just wrong to use a digital display with a digital computer but you connect...