1. Gordon_R

    Polarstern icebreaker begins year-long Arctic drift
  2. oerman35

    Quad monitor display using Arctic Z3 Pro and Z+ Pro Monitor arms

    Hi all, I am very much interested in getting the following items to improve my development environment, but I cannot seem to find any local supplier that has stock, any suggestions on where I might find these items, or even similar items? The products are: Arctic Z3 Pro Desk Mount Triple...
  3. mercurial

    Arctic Ice Especially Thin This Spring, Scientists Say

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  4. E

    Arctic Cooling in South Africa

    Hi Guys. I have finally got the ball turning with Arctic Cooling and will initially bring in the Accelero Twin Turbo for graphics cards and Freezer 7 Pro for CPU's. R399 R349 ETA is the 3rd week of August (Next week) I am accepting pre-orders on Digital Addiction, but all pre-orders must...
  5. E

    Which Arctic Cooling VGA cooler do you want in SA?

    Hi Guys. I just want to do my last bit of research before I import the first batch of Arctic Cooling. Please answer the poll and help me out, it'd really help me out, this isn't a cheap venture :p Regards Itai
  6. E

    Arctic Cooling

    Hi Guys. I have been speaking to the guys at Arctic Cooling, and will most likely be bringing in the following: Alpine 64 GT Freezer 7 Pro (might not bring this one in) Freezer Xtreme Accelero S1 Rev2 Turbo Module MX-2 Thermal Compound I want to find out what the demand is on...