audio advice

  1. TE3TH

    How do I connect a modern Smart TV to a DVD Surround Sound System

    I recently purchased a 58" Hisense UHD Smart TV. I currently own an older LG DVD Surround Sound System that does not have an HDMI port, only RCA (Red, White and Yellow) The TV does not have RCA OUT, only RCA IN. Would it be possible for me to purchase an HDMI to AV adapter and connect two...
  2. F

    Microlab FC330 2.1 Channel Speakers

    I need to get speakers for my PC. I was going to go for the Creative A250 but then I saw these on Takealot. Takealot has 2 items for the same Creative pair, one that's in stock that's about the same price as other places and another one that's R360, but it's out of stock...
  3. W

    PCI-e Sound card for 5.1 gaming headset

    So as per this thread i got myself a CM Storm Sirus S headset. My only problem is that the onboard sound really doesnt drive tis set all that well and im looking for a semi decent sound card that I can get. Budget will be R600 I have played around with the headphones a bit... and plugging the...