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    Telkom is ruining my life. Stay away

    Let start by saying this. I DO NOT OWN TELKOM A CENT. I subscribed to a Telkom business line and i used it for 1 year. During this period, all bills were paid promptly and on time without a single default. We then had to move my business due to issues with the building i was operating in. I...
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    Caught afrihost stealing data!!

    Hi Everyone, As a fist time poster, apologies if this is in the incorrect section. After signing up to afrihost mid April 2018. I have still not received access, after they have taken the money from my account (starting the day I signed, long before I received the router). I have still...
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    Incredible Connection 20% discount Fail

    Incredible's Tech Monday 20% Visa checkout promo was an Incredible tech failure.:wtf: tried numerous times to buy an Ipad and when ever I checked out the invoice showed the pre discount price. Phoned and communicated via their on line chat and was told they are having issues with the 20% being...
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    Why approve a contract if you don't have the stock (IT IS NOT FAIR ON CUSTOMERS!)

    :mad::mad:I took out two contracts for the Huawei P9 lite at the Adderley street Telkom branch. I ordered black and gold they said they were receiving stock this week. Now when I call to ask "around when this week?", they saY they did receive stock but only for the customers that had signed...
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    FYI Smokoo refusing to refund credit balance

    I posted this on HelloPeter, but since theyre not a "Company Who Cares" (What a surprise there!), I thought I'd let my mistake, be a warning to anyone else considering to join and play on I've learnt my lesson well. The fact that they feel entitled to retain funds that have not...