1. M

    Panel Beating Costs??

    Hey Guys! My girlfriends blue ford fiesta took a bit of a hit this afternoon. Fortunately the damage has been isolated exclusively to the rear passenger door. Managed to get all the offending car's paint off of my girlfirend's car, and now just the dent remains. Neither of us are car...
  2. LazyLion

    US Man Gets 3 Years for Videotaped Homeless Beating

    A video posted on YouTube a few days before Christmas in 2011 shows a young U.S. man striding purposefully into the woods as a cameraman asks what he's about to do. "About to go beat up this bum," the man says. And that's what he does, punching and kicking a homeless man in the face...
  3. jes

    Youth 'bully' website leads to beatings, causes shock

    Youth 'bully' website leads to beatings, causes shock A website enabling teenagers to post insults and racist comments about their peers has prompted an outcry in Germany after 20 youths beat another teen senseless over remarks made on its forums.
  4. mercurial

    Man complains about wife's cooking, gets beaten

    Source Silly man :)