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    LTE connection but i have LTE-A coverage

    Hi everyone, so i recently got my Huawei B525s-65a LTE/LTE-A router with a telkom Data plan from Webafrica(TELKOM Package) which is month to month. I asked Telkom will i be able to get LTE-A connection because i have coverage in my Area, and they said it will connect to LTE-A,even Webafrica...
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    Best Gaming Experience Ever

    I only had a Pentium 2 equivalent PC for most of my high school years. Thus I have never been much of a gamer. When I went to university, I bought myself a new PC (AMD64 3700+ San Diego, 1GB DDR400, GigaByte 6600GT 256MB, 17" Samsung 713N). I got Fable running on my PC one holiday and I...