1. P


    ANYONE available to help??? Did a security wipe on my BBZ10 yesterday around 11am. It's Been stuck on 96% for 2 days now. Hard reboot takes it straight back to the wipe screen, pressing up/down" keys same time also doesn't help! I need the phone as it is my work phone... Please...
  2. NeonNinja

    Really now?

    How cr@p is this? 10 wrong passwords, data wipe subsequently, everything gone. Images, applications, sim card + phone contacts. No restoration of any manner whatsoever. How f'd up. Happened to my brother. Guess he'll learn hid backup lesson...
  3. T

    trying to resolve account problem since january

    here is the run-down: i got a blackberry at the end of 2009... BUT my accounts for Jan, Feb and Mar are all charging me for packet switched data (PSD) - i.e. internet... which is supposed to be free if you have a BB I have queried this with the 80 call centre... my first call to them was...