blacklist cellphone

  1. Nimz

    Blacklist check - Samsung

    Is there a way to check the IMEI status of a phone? Situation: Staff member bought a Samsung A20 Dual Sim phone from Cash Crusaders about a month back Everything was working fine until today, it says SIM 1 not allowed so she thought it was the SIM that was faulty and did a SIM swap issue still...
  2. S

    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Hi guys, Bought an iPhone 7 Plus from a mutual friend, someone who I trust(ed) to not sell me stolen goods. Phone came all neat in the box, all accessories there, serial checked out fine and there’s no issues with iCloud. He even showed me the proof of purchase slip (1 yr old phone, for the...
  3. J

    Unable to blacklist the phone for a month!

    My phone was stolen on 31 July 2016 on the same day, I logged a call with Cell c to blacklist the phone. The agent told me it will take up to 48 hours to do that, as it needs to go to the back office. I was leaving the country on 02 August 2016 and up to that date didn't hear any response from...
  4. D

    Don't block your stolen cellphone

    That's 6700 phones reported stolen every month.