1. r00igev@@r

    IT Blog Awards hosted by Cisco

    Please vote for Ronald Bartels in the IT Blog Awards as one of the only South African finalists. Please vote here:
  2. S

    Adsense Guide for South African Dummies by A Dummy

    Hey SA newbie bloggers or aspiring bloggers! No offence intended for calling you dummies ;). I am a dummy though, and proud. Reason I decided to start this thread is because I have seen quite a number of Adsense related questions about the Google Adsense program. I figured most fellow SA...
  3. LazyLion

    How do I edit my own Blog Entries?

    Since the last board upgrade I can't seem to find an edit button anywhere on my own blog entries? Has anyone been able to do this?
  4. S

    Why do people ask questions in the blog section? Seriously - look at it? :wtf: It's bloody thread worthy - not for blogs! :erm:
  5. S

    Spam in the Blog section. (vb)

    PC-Direct, dude please :eek: :mad: When looking at the Blogs section itself. All you see is specials/spam from PC-Direct. When looking at all of his blog entries :eek: It's really nauseating to look at. And we don't tolerate spam on these forums brah. Am I over reacting here? I...
  6. R

    Google launches blog tracking service

    Google launches blog tracking service