1. D

    IT career choices

    Hi guys, Which field would be a good choice for someone in IT. That's a bit future proof. I don't see AD and Exchange being on premises for much longer due to cloud, or am I wrong here? Onsite virtualisation also seems to be moved into the cloud. What would be a good set of skills to attain...
  2. C

    Is there life after code?

    Hi. So here's the question, what happens to programmers who's been at it for 15+ years? Do they shrivel up due to all the coffee, do they create their own little personal tesseract (a la Interstellar movie) in order to never have contact with a project manager again, or does Management...
  3. A

    What to do with a BCom Degree?

    I am currently in my final year of my BCom Accounting degree. I was planning on doing my honours and becoming a CA, however now I'm not so sure anymore. What other options do I have? What could I do with a BCom degree, what other careers could I enter?
  4. Espee

    Xamarin Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch

    Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch Position Description: Javus Software is a new small company with a vision to grow in the future. We are recruiting for 2x Mobile App Developers to work on exciting / challenging Apps Required Skills/Qualifications: 2-4 years of...
  5. S

    IT Support/Ops Engineer

    Job description The successful candidate will be responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of a datacentre, server hardware, software, and related infrastructure. This individual will be accountable for Linux and Windows systems that form the...
  6. M

    VACANCY: Enterprise Application Architect

    Location: Pretoria Position type: Permanent Salary: R45000 - R60000 per month CTC RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: The role of the enterprise solution architect (ESA) addresses the conceptual/planning level of the application architecture in collaboration with other architects focused on...
  7. N

    Linux as my Career Choice

    Hi guys. I havent been able to find any local forums to linux newbies like myself, i have turned to you guys for advice :) Ive always been interested in the world of IT, ever since the age of 11 ive been around PC's, working with them, repairing, tinkering etc. I just finished my degree...
  8. F

    Free Seminar in JHB & CT - Managing Your Project Management Career in 2015

    Just when you think you know the answers, the questions change! This seminar will highlight the changing world of work and discuss how the changes affect Project Managers in particular. Attendees will also leave with a good understanding of the current career landscape and options for career...
  9. ronz91

    What are some of the simplest and least time consuming degrees/diplomas in SA?

    What degree/diploma have you completed that was relatively easy and not time consuming? I am looking at the level where one could easily complete it while having a full time job.
  10. Y

    JOB OFFERED: Developer Internship at Yuppiechef

    If you’re a talented and passionate developer with a hunger to learn new things and be involved in projects from conception to delivery, Yuppiechef may well be the perfect place for you. We are one of South Africa's leading e-commerce companies, based in Westlake Business Park, with a team of...
  11. A

    Varsity application

    Hi I think my future is down the drain and its out of my control...uh my problem is that next year i will be in matric and i should apply to varsity but my grade 11 results arent what i had expected especially for the main problem is that i want to apply for theoretical...
  12. D

    Career in telecommunications

    Hi guys I am currently in matric and would like to pursue a career in telecommunications. My question is, what job types are in demand within this field and offers good pay? I ask because I would like to know what degree I should study. My instinct is tending towards electrical...
  13. S


    Hi, Does any one have any idea if companies still offer relocation assistance? I am thinking of moving from KZN to Cape Town and wondering if it is unreasonable for me to expect assistance with the relocation. Thanks
  14. G

    Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age I'm not a programmer by trade but also in a heavily tech orientated keyboard jockey career and have noticed this here too. The "younger" companies and employees seem to be doing well and the older...