cheque account

  1. K

    opening FNB cheque account

    The only account I have had is a student account with Standard bank, but now I want a new account but I want one that isn't going to charge a fortune in fees. I mostly bank online and don't really withdraw, I swipe the card a few times a week. I'm thinking the FNB easy account is for me since...
  2. tsume

    Banking card/account queries

    From the savings/cheque thread which was started some days ago I learnt something new. Cheque account: It's a transaction account, no interest but cheaper charges on transactions, can overdraft. Savings account: Account to keep money in, interest accumulates but transactions are more costly...
  3. RazedInBlack

    Gold Cheque Account: ABSA vs FNB

    I bank with ABSA and being an account holder for the better part of almost 15 years I expected smooth-no-problem application for a cheque account. Not so! :mad: I likened the consultant to a detective with the amount of questions he asked. He draws my bank statement and goes over it with a...