chevrolet utility

  1. N

    Removal of 2016 Chev Utility 1.8 Sport Radio head-unit?

    Hi Everyone, The father in-law's radio stopped working, I've got a sneaking suspicion that there's a fuse behind the head-unit that may have blown, because the normal "Radio" fuse in the fuse-box is okay.. Have anyone removed these radios in past? I'm guessing a special tool is required to go...
  2. DhireshD

    2017 Chevrolet utility 1.4 Sport Vs 1.8 Sport ... Which should i get ???

    Hi All, I'm currently in the market for a Chevrolet Utility and i am having a really difficult time deciding between the two Sport models. I will be keeping the vehicle for at least the next 4 years and would like to the make the most informed decision possible, to avoid disappointment. If...
  3. G

    Chev Utility 1.4 Tacho reading

    Hi guys and gals My Chev Utility 1.4 basic is showing miles on the trip meter instead of km. How can one change it? Thanks in advance :D
  4. O

    Need advice on which car to buy

    Hi. I need to buy a car. Budget between R50k and R90k My needs are low fuel consumption and low maintenance. I am tempted to go for either around 2005 to present ford ranger double cab selling at less than R100k or around 2005 toyota double cab. If lucky recent years. Selling at less...
  5. C

    Trade in Chev Utility 1.4 base a/c for Nissan 1.5dCi base a/c + safety?

    I currently drive a Chev Utility 1.4 base a/c. I am not too impressed with the fuel consumption and I am thinking of trading it in for a Nissan NP200 1,5dCi. Does anyone have experience with both cars? Do you think it is worth it to trade my Chev Utility in?
  6. M

    Choosing between Nissan NP200 and Chevrolet Utility

    Hi I am currently shopping for a used small bakkie, sth like Nissan NP 200 or Chevrolet Utility 1.4 I have heard good things about Chevrolet Utility 1.4. Light of petrol was my first impression. I bed to know more before buying. I am operating on a very shoe string budget and I'm going...