1. shiverz

    [Recruiting] CoC |SA War Clan | Amanzimtoti| Th8-11

    Who are we: Amanzimtoti are an active South African based level 8 adult war clan looking to bring in new people. We are looking to bring in long term players, no hoppers/rushers, from all over the globe. Reasons to join: >Level 8 clan perks >Adult players that are respectful and helpful >Non...
  2. C

    CDT Community

    Hi all :D CDT is looking to the community, any players are welcome even if you just starting out we will help you improve. Our main games are dota, LOL and we have been playing alot of GTA V.We do compete but at the same time we are a community so we take time of to enjoy other games to...
  3. T

    Looking for BF4 group to run with (Durbanville) - PC. Trollsmite

    Sup Battlefielders, As the title shows...I'm looking for a clan/group to run Bf4 with. Would be cool if the group members are from Durbanville area and surroundings for social events, braais to just talk about gaming. Lemme know. my in game name is Trollsmite. See you on the battlefield
  4. N

    Advanced Warfare - PS4

    Hey Guys, I have been looking for a social clan for AW on the PS4 but have had little to no luck. As such I decided to make a new clan. Anyone is welcome regardless of skill. Its really just a group of like-minded people getting to know each other while playing. If you are interested...
  5. R

    Archeage Guild

    Archeage Guild Recruiting - Debauchery Tea Party Join us in playing one of the most innovative new mmos to come out in years. Debauchery Tea Party is a predominantly South African guild with a broad focus and interests in pvp, trading and crafting. Guild Info Interests: Battlegrounds...
  6. Z

    BF4 Clan Euphoria recruiting

    Hi Clan Euphoria [U4IA] is currently looking for more players to join us. We have a friendly team of members that have been together since the inception of BF3 and took part in the 2013 DGL and reached the final leg, although we simply didn't have the skill to get much further, too many...
  7. ControlAltDelete

    looking for Alter_IWNet MW2 Clan

    I am looking for a modern warfare 2 clan on alternet to join, preferably an SA clan. Here are some specs and which weapons i am specialized in: Weapons: Assault Rifles: M4A1 SCAR-H Tar-21 ACR F2000 Sub Machine Guns: MP5K UMP45 Mini Uzi Light Machine Guns: MG4 RPD L86 LSW...
  8. midkemia

    HON - Looking for a clan

    Hi Guys So Im looking for a clan to play in the evenings and on weekends. My PSR is about 1600 at the moment. You can check the last 10-20 games of mine, prefer to play with and against decent guys, and usually play with someone from a top tier clan, like mint. My K : D has stayed at about...