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    Help Steam Remote Play

    I'm currently having issues with Steam Remote Play Together. I'm able to link my smartphone with my computer and play from there but when I try to use the Play together feature to Co-Op with someone else, I get a "Can't connect remote computer". Anyway dealing with this?
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    ARMA II Co-Op mission suggestions for LAN

    Hey folks Some friends and I are having an old school LAN. I'm looking for some suggestions for great co-op ARMA II missions. Google has provided me with plenty results. Are their any "hidden" gems that anyone knows about? Thanks
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    Is anyone else excited for payday 2?

    Hey All Is anyone else excited for payday 2 and do you reckon there will be much of a following/players here in South Africa because I'm keen to buy it for the sole purpose of some co-op action. Just want to get an idea what peoples thoughts are on this.
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    Looking for group: Borderlands Co-Op on Xbox 360!

    Hey, as the thread title suggests I'm really keen to play some Borderlands Co-Op with SA based players. Currently have a level 8 Hunter and really would like to see how team play goes. Message Diamond Llama for more info on Xbox Live or send me a PM here. (Gamertag message would be better!)...