comx computers

  1. F Great Laptop Prices & Review

    Hey guys I just wanted to throw in a quick word about They have an awesome feature where you can actually build your own laptop and it's so much cheaper!! Check it out (scroll down to bottom of this search page)...
  2. chickenbeef

    ComX computers -Tel Number

    Greetings fellow forumites anyone know the tel number for Comx computers? On their website they say they are an online store therefore they don't have a tel number, they make use of e-mails and online order forms i'm sure they have a tel number, how can they only communicate to their...
  3. W

    ComX Computers - Seagate Bad Experience

    I purchased one of the Seagate hard drives that break so easily last year from ComX Computers and it failed about three months after purchasing it. I returned the hard drive to them and they swopped it out for a new one (same model and brand). Now the hard drive has failed yet again, all my...