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  1. Jan

    Many private Covid-19 vaccination sites in South Africa are shutting down

    South Africa is shutting down many Covid-19 vaccination sites Many private Covid-19 vaccination sites in South Africa are shutting down because they are no longer financially viable. At the same time, public sites might also function at a lower capacity as the sector is shifting its attention...
  2. Jan

    Recommendations to be made on COVID-19 vaccine mandates

    Vaccine mandates in South Africa — announcement expected soon Health minister Dr Joe Phaahla says a team of senior government officials is ready to make recommendations to the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) on Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Addressing a virtual media briefing on...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    Google takes tough stance against staff who fail to comply with Covid-19 vaccination policy

    Google takes tough stance against staff who fail to comply with Covid-19 vaccination policy Google has threatened to reduce pay or even fire staff who fail to comply with internal policies on Covid 19 vaccinations, CNBC reported, citing internal documents. The Alphabet Inc. unit warned...
  4. Jan

    President Ramaphosa has tested positive for Covid-19

    Ramaphosa tests positive for Covid-19 President Cyril Ramaphosa has tested positive for Covid-19 and is receiving treatment for mild symptoms. Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele said in a statement on Sunday evening that Ramaphosa tested positive today after he started feeling unwell...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    SA's trifecta of major coronavirus vaccination mistakes

    SA's trifecta of major coronavirus vaccination mistakes The government has made three mistakes in its rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Only 38% of adult South Africans have been fully vaccinated and another 7% partially (as of 5 December). The rollout has been driven by demand from the “vaccine...
  6. Jan

    MTN to implement vaccine mandate for staff

    MTN announces Covid-19 vaccine mandate MTN says that it will implement a mandatory vaccination policy for staff from January 2022, as part of its commitment to protect the health and safety of its people and workplaces, and contribute towards the rate of Covid-19 vaccinations across its markets...
  7. LCBXX

    MyBroadband Implements Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Policy for Members

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  8. Jan

    Vooma Vaccination Week - cash prizes for jabs

    Big vaccination drive in South Africa — with cash prizes up for grabs The National Department of Health will hold a Vooma Vaccination Week from 3 to 10 December 2021 to ramp up Covid-19 vaccinations before an anticipated fourth wave of infections hits the country. The Vooma Vaccination Week is...
  9. Jan

    Omicron becoming dominant coronavirus variant in South Africa

    South Africa's fourth wave is here — and it is driven by Omicron The Omicron variant has driven a fourth wave of Covid-19 cases in Gauteng and is expected to spill over into other provinces over the coming weeks. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) has said that 74% of virus...
  10. Jan

    Rage Festival caught and isolated party-goers who tested positive for Covid-19

    Rage festival catches Covid-19 positive party-goers Rage is mandating Covid-19 vaccines and a negative test before allowing party-goers entry into venues.
  11. Hanno Labuschagne

    95% of Discovery staff vaccinated

    95% of Discovery staff vaccinated Discovery Ltd. employees have strongly supported a Covid-19 vaccination mandate by South Africa’s largest medical-scheme administrator with almost 95% of them taking shots. The Johannesburg-based company announced its plan to make vaccinations compulsory for...
  12. Jan

    South Africa will top 10,000 daily Covid-19 cases by end of the week - Abdool Karim

    Expect over 10,000 new daily Covid-19 cases in South Africa by end of the week South Africa will see a steep surge in new daily Covid-19 cases driven by the omicron variant by the end of the week. That is according to leading epidemiologist and former chairman of the government's ministerial...
  13. Jan

    Health regulations being amended to lift the State of Disaster

    South Africa begins dismantling State of Disaster The South African government has begun amending the country’s health regulations so that they may be used to manage its response to the pandemic. This was so the government could review the use of the Disaster Management Act to manage South...
  14. Jan

    Taskforce to investigate implementing mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in South Africa

    South Africa considering mandatory Covid–19 vaccinations The South African government has set up a task team that will undertake broad consultations on making vaccination mandatory for specific activities and locations, President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced. In an address to the nation on...
  15. Jan

    Finland orders bars to stop alcohol sales at 5pm without pass

    No vaccine certificate, no alcohol — Finland cracks down on bars Bars and restaurants in Finland refusing to use Covid certificates will no longer serve booze after 5 p.m. in the latest attempt by the government to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. With winter coming, days in the...
  16. Jan

    Covid-19 uptick in Gauteng traced to Pretoria university students

    Covid for Christmas The uptick in Covid–19 infections in Gauteng is concentrated in Pretoria students, but there is still hope that South Africa can avoid Covid–19 disrupting Christmas celebrations once again.
  17. Jan

    Health minister pleads that South Africans vaccinate to protect against "inevitable" fourth wave

    South Africa's fourth wave of Covid-19 can't be stopped Health Minister, Dr Joe Phaahla, says the festive season coupled with the movement of people is expected to trigger the “inevitable” fourth wave of Covid-19 infections. “This makes it more urgent that more and more people come forward to...
  18. Jan

    Mild Covid-19 fourth wave expected in SA - unless people get too complacent or a new variant emerges

    South Africa's fourth wave of Covid-19 will be mild — unless this happens South Africa's strict measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus should limit the severity of the pandemic's next wave, the health department's Nicholas Crisp says.
  19. Jan

    Government starts gearing up for Vooma Vaccination Weekend

    Big Covid–19 vaccination weekend push — with R100 grocery vouchers The South African government has announced another “Vooma Vaccination Weekend” for 12–14 November and intends to vaccinate 500,000 people. “Help avoid the dull December we had in 2020. Join the 500,000 people who will be...
  20. Hanno Labuschagne

    Apple forcing unvaccinated office employees to test daily

    Apple forcing unvaccinated office employees to test daily Apple Inc. will begin to force unvaccinated corporate employees to test for Covid-19 each time they want to enter an office, a move that tightens its virus protocols while still stopping short of a vaccine mandate. The new requirement...