1. B

    Makin' the Bacon in Pretoria.......and Hello

    G'day all, I was supposed to introduce myself somewhere. I forgot then deleted the post. I thought I will just say hoesit here. I have done oodles and oodles of research on the web on how to make bacon. Everybody has their own methods and nobody can agree on anything. Drives me nuts. Well...
  2. C

    Cure for baldness: scientists discover chemical that stops hair from growing

    Sounds great if it works but I wonder if there won't be side effects if you use a potion to stunt the secretion of this protein called PDG2?
  3. jes

    Scientists cure cancer - nobody takes notice

    Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

    "Trojan horse cells kill cancer" It's a complicated process, involving a cell that can basically disarm cancer cells but leave all healthy cells intact. (Chemo-therapy alone destroys both cancer...