1. NeonNinja

    How does Afrihost do it? (Payments)

    Ok, So I've been with Afrihost from the inception, and I noticed something different from the beginning. I use a Capitec Global One Card (a.k.a PREPAID credit card), when I do not have funds in my account, I can't pay anything that requires a credit card, or use PayPal. But somehow Afrihost...
  2. J

    8ta billing mayhem. Advice needed please !

    I have had an 8ta Internet 5 account for about 16 months. As far as speeds etc are concerned, I have been very pleased with the service. The billing and admin, not so much. Having to deal with them, not at all. In all the 16 months I've had the account, 8ta has never ever once debited my bank...
  3. mercurial

    Current vs Available balance

    I'm a bit confused ATM. How does this work? I need to purchase something, but I want to transfer some funds from my credit card to my cheque account (and I have been doing this online with ABSA), but my current balance is not the same as my available balance. Does my current balance need to be...