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  1. H

    Microsoft Azure in Johannesburg

    Hello i want to know before i Sign up for the first time to Microsoft Azure, I want to know if the Joburg Servers are Available :erm:
  2. C

    LA Webs ISP News

    We decided to start a new thread. And for our first news post we are glad to announce that we have a new logo design. We needed a more comfortable logo with strong meaning for our company so we took it to a graphic designer to redo the whole Logo for us. We are pretty happy with the...
  3. jes

    600% more traffic and lower prices at Hetzner

    600% more traffic and lower prices at Hetzner Hetzner increases its traffic quotas and reduces traffic over-usage charges on various services
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    VPS & Dedicated & Cloud Servers ( International) - Now offered from R89/m

    Hello MyBroadband community. I'm posting (with fear of being banned) but hoping that we can also participate the same as the other companies like Afrihost, Mweb, and OpenWeb etc etc with discussions about our services which we hope can benefit many businesses in South Africa going forward...