delivery date

  1. J

    Cell C - Wait 6 months for iphone 11 or never get it at all.

    So my contract is due for an upgrade this month Feb 2020. I asked for the iphone 11 2gb R780 p.m , but the lady told me it can take up to 6 months for the phone to arrive and they will have to put me on a waiting list. Another store told me its impossible to get it, and finally the third store I...
  2. K

    MWEB Fon and WiFi range extender delivery?

    URGENT, PLEASE HELP! I recently (about a week ago) signed up for MWEB's Uncapped ADSL. I signed up online and placed my order for the Fon router and WiFi range extender, however I have not received a tracking number for my delivery. This is frustrating as I do not know when to pick up my...