1. Kevin Lancaster

    What happens to your device warranty when a company closes down

    What happens to your device warranty when a company closes down This is the scenario: you’ve had your new fitness band for 11 months when it stops working. It came with a 12-month warranty, though, so you’re not worried. When you take it in to be repaired or replaced, you are informed that...
  2. B

    Cellphone Contract Management

    Good day All! Does someone know of a solution (free if possible) to manage approximately 150 cellphone contracts and devices? I'm currently depending on an Excel Spreadsheet, which can get very cluttered very quickly. All I want to do, is to list the Contracts, list the devices...
  3. K

    Ebucks Device points since rule change 1 July

    Hi Im not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I seem to have lost my 1000 reward level points after taking a device with FNB for this very reason only about 2 months before the rule change. Had I known this would be the case I would have probably not take the contract neither. I...
  4. W

    Looking for a video calling (pref skype) meeting device

    Hi there everyone, I'm hoping that somebody has gone through this exercise before and will be able to point me in the right direction. Essentially I am looking for a device that I can connect to remotely (over the Internet) and then be able to partake in meetings. Requirements...
  5. U

    Help with PC building parts

    Good day everyone I would like you guys to please help me buying the right parts to build my pc. I am planning to make my pc UHD/4K. I am planning to let my PC have DDR4 My SSD is a PCi one, that is why it is so expensive. I would like you guys to please rate my pc out of 100, It...
  6. mercurial

    Dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device

  7. jes

    Internet on your TV from Vodacom and MTN

    Internet on your TV from Vodacom and MTN Affordable Internet access devices, which can connect directly to your TV, to become available from mobile operators
  8. A

    Laptop doesn't detect SIM card

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this? I had a flakey external modem that I took to the Vodacom 3g shop to see if they could get it working properly, but not joy, its kaput. Now I've reverted back to the internal modem on my HP Probook 4310s. I slipped the SIM card back into into...
  9. mercurial

    Electric lollipop that allows blind people to 'see' using their tongue

  10. LazyLion

    NeoConnect Lite - Huawei Device Disconnects

    We bought one of the NeoConnect Phones for R599.00 and we are on the R99 a month subscription. See here for the sign-up thread... which had its own problems :( We would like this device to serve as backup for our...