dns problems

  1. hongkongpom

    Big DNS problems this arvie 3pm to 4.30 in Joburg

    What happened to the DNS resolvers this arvie??? Started with major issues with my fibre company. Then noticed I couldn't even use my cell phone data (on a different network) as kept getting DNS problems! It's like the DNS went down for Joburg affecting multiple platforms!!!
  2. LazyLion

    OpenWeb DNS Server problems?

    anybody else have issues with DNS servers? Pages won't resolve properly. :confused:
  3. S

    Mega 105 Router problem

    Hi guys, my friend seems to have a problem with his telkom router that I am at a lost to explain how to sort it out, he has recently switched to mweb uncapped 384 and this used to work great on his shiro modem on windows xp he had before, but he swapped this for a telkom mega 105 modem...
  4. G

    Ping is broken...

    Hi all, We have stores all over the country each with their own PC with 3G card, connecting via a Billion router with a VPN connection. At a few of the stores I have had a few issues - what it comes down to is that when I try to ping a server on the network at headoffice(i.e. exchange) the...
  5. ixian

    MWEB DNS Servers

    I have a ADSL connection with Telkom and MWEB is my service provider. I am having major hassles with pages loading from international sites like Google Tools and most other sites. The page loads 98% and then seems to lose the connection, no matter how long you wait the page never loads...
  6. L

    TELKOM DNS problems

    I've been having endless Telkom DNS failures over the last week; both in Durban and JHB. I have now switched to openDNS permanently. Anyone have any clue what is going on; I would call Telkom; but I don't think my ear can take anymore of that annoying message...