domain transfer

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    Transferring of .com domain

    Hi guys, I am struggling to transfer my client's .com domain from their current host (which was created and managed by an other individual, let's call him Person B) to a new host (Axxess). Usually I have worked with GoDaddy and bluehost, and how their process works is super simple. Basically...
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    Transferring a domain from WithTank – HELP!

    Hi Guys. I really need some advice on how to transfer a domain from a WithTank plan to something like 1-Grid or GoDaddy. A client of mine has a site that he wants me to rebuild but he wants to retain the domain. We've had no luck in getting any assistance or support from WithTank whatsoever...
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    Betternet holding us hostage for our Domain.

    Hi everyone, I've been tasked with regaining access to our company domain after our service provider's owner moved abroad and provides poor service. Brendon Potter who runs Betternet and Voicecall in Bloemfontein. Has recently immigrated to New Zealand. Unfortunately his hosting server...