1. oros

    icasa website down

    icasa's website is down, can't access it. Anyone else?
  2. P

    Rain 5G Premium package is acctually ADSL 1Mb Package.

    I have the Rain 5G package and except for a glorious few minutes now and then of 350 Mb/s I tend to get slightly better than Adsl 10 Mb/s speeds on it. However since wednesday I have not had reliable service at all and during the day I seem incapable of having a stretch of more than 30 minutes...
  3. NeonNinja

    RAIN on and off (09 December 2019)

    Usually the signal goes AWOL, a simple airplane mode on and off, sometimes twice fixes it, since 8ish that's been unable to resolve the issue, restarted several times now. Dunno if perhaps it's the load shedding? East London CBD.