1. AcceleritZa

    Mpumalanga Fibre - DynamicFibre - Accelerit ISP

    Hello everybody - Finally we are super excited to announce we are available in the Mpumalanga region (Witbank, Middleburg and more to come soon) via Dynamic Fibre's network. Dynamic Fibre has already passed over 1000 homes in this region and all you need to do to get connected is apply via this...
  2. N

    Free / Cheap Dynamic DNS Hosting?

    Hi, All I currently have four domains hosted at www.everydns.net. Their IP addresses get updated dynamically every time my server's IP address changes (am using a USB ADSL modem running on a Windows server). I see that everydns services will be stopping in 86 days' time, as they have been...
  3. P

    Linksys Router

    Hi there, Let me come to the place where all the clever persons are. 1. I have a network with 30 pc’s on it, XP Prof in a classroom environment. The Linksys router connects a pre selected group of only 8 pc’s on the network to the internet. Amount of pc’s does not matter, it is only one...