1. S

    Please advise: e-Reader for my dad

    I am looking for an e-Reader (tablet) for my dad to use at home and while on holiday, something along the lines of an Amazon Kindle or the alternatives. I haven't done any research or price-checking yet, but here are the basic requirements: WiFi is a must, 3G is optional e-ink screen (or...
  2. M

    Kalahari New E-Reader App causing iPad to Freeze

    Every time I use the Kalahari E-Reader app, it freezes my ipad, forcing me to reset it. Is anyone else having this issue, and has anyone found a solution?
  3. Stalin

    e-readers with email for old people

    I hope the forum can help with a problem that probably applies to many of us. My mother is 94 and in a home in Durban, although very frail she is mentally very alert and reads a book in a day. Consequently she is is dependent on people going to the library for her, and she probably only likes...
  4. jes

    Kindle Paperwhite South Africa prices

    Kindle Paperwhite South Africa prices The Kindle Paperwhite has launched in South Africa
  5. J

    Pick n Pay and Kobo bring Kobo Touch eReader to SA

    Kobo Touch eReader for SA Pick n Pay will bring the Kobo eReading platform to South Africa for less than R1,000 for the hardware
  6. J

    Young and old readers prefer different devices

    Young and old differ on e-book preferences Young and old audiences prefer different devices for reading, according to a study
  7. J

    Amazon begins initiative to get tablets into schools

    Amazon’s Kindle push to schools Amazon is making a push to get its Kindle e-reader and tablets into US schools
  8. QuintonB

    E-book publishers look to "lighter" DRM

    E-books may get reduced DRM Major e-book publishers are suggesting a lightweight DRM for future ebooks
  9. jes

    Tablets threaten e-readers

    Tablets threaten e-readers Gartner predicts rising e-reader sales despite competition from tablet PCs