1. Gordon_R

    Scientists estimate Earth's total carbon store (DCO)
  2. C

    Earthing a Borehole

    Hi! I have recently installed a borehole pump in a pre-existing borehole on my property. The pump I installed is one of those kits (CRI Pumps- MK1). It works fine and delivers the predicted amount of water. It came with a pre-spliced cable. The cable is too long, so I thought I'd shorten it...
  3. M

    Earth's Electromagnetic Field Is Weakening 10 000 Faster Than Expected

  4. T

    Electrical grounding / audio problem (for PC, Guitar, Headphones, Dishwasher, et)

    I'm just going to throw this out there, does anyone have any tips or pointers for the following electrical problem: I'm currently renting the downstairs section of a double storey house in an urban residential area, but the wiring is old, and the house mains run to a hollow-core steel / alloy...
  5. LazyLion

    One Day - Walk Off The Earth Love this group!
  6. G

    Mission to reach the Earth's mantle
  7. LazyLion

    World Population Soars Past 7 Billion! GO TO THE LINK TO SEE THE VIDEO...
  8. M

    Earth Has a Second Moon, Astronomers Say

  9. S

    Was the moon created by a nuclear explosion on Earth?

    A tough theory indeed. How long ago would it have happened? Would there be any remnants of the blast crater? Or would the the varying "ages" have covered it up?
  10. Creag

    Scientists spot nearby 'super-Earth'

  11. M

    Early warning system misses asteroid that caused explosion 3x larger than Hiroshima

  12. M

    Furthest star system discovered 13billion light years from Earth

  13. M

    UK is in top ten of countries most at risk from asteroid impact

  14. M

    Making Babies in Space May Be Harder Than It Sounds

  15. M

    Fundamental Ingredient for Life Discovered in Comet

  16. M

    Australian Website Allows Users to Send Text Messages Into Space

  17. M

    Could Earth Be Swallowed by the Dying Sun?

  18. M

    Ion engine could get man to Mars in 39 days

  19. M

    Venus Once Had Earth-Like Oceans, New Map Suggests

  20. M

    Uranium Found on the Moon