ect act

  1. I

    The takedown of Black Opinion website: Poor SA Internet law

    An interesting opinion in the Daily Maverick regarding the takedown of the Black Opinion website. Is freedom of speech in South Africa under threat? Is the ECT act flawed...
  2. Tokolotshe

    Pinged / MWeb unsolicted marketing

    I had an unsolicited call from Donovan of a company called Pinged doing marketing on behalf of MWeb. The number was a blocked number and it just showed private. The name Pinged was just used once and MWeb was used many times in the introduction. The sales guy, Donovan, then tried to interest...
  3. E

    Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill 2012

    The Minister of Communications has published a bill setting out extensive amendments to be made to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002 ("the ECT Act"). The ECT Act is the first real piece of "digital-era" legislation in SA and it covers things like - establishing that...
  4. QuintonB

    Refuse a judge your password and face jailtime

    Cryptography and jailtime in SA South Africans can face significant fines or imprisonment if they refuse a judge their password after being ordered to provide it
  5. E

    Spam - Electronic Communications and Transactions Act

    According to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act), any person sending unsolicited commercial communications must give consumers the option to cancel the subscription to the mailing list, and must provide the consumer with the source of his personal information on request...