1. T

    Accused and Humiliated by staff when walking into Telkom Direct.

    I use Telkom purely for Adsl and not to make calls. I went to Telkom in The Bridge, Port Elizabeth to pay my monthly bill. When I arrived I didn't open the door immediately, because I thought they were closed. I saw a few customers inside still being helped and pushed the wrong door and it...
  2. mercurial

    Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says owning an iPhone is “embarrassing”

    Nokia CEO also taking a jab... Source
  3. D

    Cold shower for Cup's very first casualty

    This was on the FRONT PAGE of The Times, this morning.:D Source How embarrassing. After all my drunken antics, I don't think I've ever made the front page of a foreign paper. Well done Jerry, on a successful night out.:D