1. Espee

    How to travel overseas with an engagement ring

    My girlfriend and I are going overseas with friends at the end of March. I plan on asking her to marry me. I have an engagement ring with a certificate and invoice. Do I have to declare the ring before going overseas or can I just leave it in my carry on luggage and take it without declaring...
  2. W

    5 min survey: Do South African programmers prefer flexi-time & work-from-home?

    Hi guys I am part-time busy with an MBA degree, and as part of my final research, I am investigating South African software developers' perception of flexi-time and work-from-home practices. Would you mind quickly completing a 5-minute survey to help me out? If ok here is the survey...
  3. M

    Poggenpoel Diamond Jewellers

    Hi all, My SO and I are looking to get a custom engagement ring made and have found the above Jeweler in JHB / Pretoria. Their prices seem reasonable (as far as shiny rocks go) but I've never heard of them before. Has anyone worked with them before / know of them. They seem pretty legit...
  4. N

    No Engagement ring in time for proposal!

    Hi guys. As the title suggests, i made the final decision to propose literally a week ago. So the problem comes in here: I have the perfect proposal planned while we are on holiday in the cape from the 2nd of Jan 2016, its perfect! The only problem is...I cant find any decent rings that can...