1. N

    Bakwena E-Tag

    Hi All! Does anyone have any idea how I could get hold of a Bakwena e-Tag to save some time in the mornings? I obviously don't want a Sanral e-Tag, or atleast I don't want Sanral to have a open route to my Credit Card. I contacted Bakwena and they are not issuing those tags anymore. Apparently...
  2. G

    Automatic deduction on the N1

    If I get an etag registered to the license plate of my car and I drive on the N1 between PTA and JHB, will the toll fee be automatically deducted from my credit card if my etag is not physically in the car? I'm not talking about the manual toll gates you find on the N4, but the automatic ones...
  3. C

    Recieved E-Toll Invoice

    so....yesterday I received a posted account from Sanral from the beginning of December. Is anybody else receiving accounts from them??? Btw, I am not registered with Sanral and dont ever plan to
  4. R

    What you should know about getting e-tagged

    Part 1 of 3
  5. LazyLion

    Interdict lodged against SANRAL and MEC of R&T to stop tolling system.!/search/realtime/sanral!/search/realtime/etolls Sweet! :D