1. S

    Ethereum Wallet

    Hi all, anyone tried out the Ethereum Wallet? I'm having the same pain that it seems many have experienced - the last block won't sync and therefore I cannot see my Ether. Anyone know any tricks to solving this? Would it have anything to do with my VPN? I've downloaded Exodus instead, which...
  2. L

    Ice3X and Luno: South African exchanges

    Hi all, Does anyone else get a dodgy vibe from the Ice3x website? I would cancel my account there and deal solely with Luno, but Luno does not allow for ETH exchanges directly. For account verification (so far in my experience) Luno requires ID, but Ice3x additionally requires a bank...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    I tested South Africa’s first Ethereum exchange

    I tested South Africa’s first Ethereum exchange ICE3X recently launched South Africa’s first exchange for Ethereum, allowing traders to buy and sell the cryptocurrency with rand.