1. LazyLion

    ANC Establishes Integrity Committee

    The ANC's national executive committee (NEC) has established the party's integrity committee and approved guidelines, secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Monday. The commission would be chaired by Rivonia trialist and former Robben Island prisoner Andrew Mlangeni, Mantashe told reporters...
  2. LazyLion

    Cabinet to have Constitutional Court decisions 'assessed' Wow, are they planning on running this company completely down the drain before Christmas? If there are any ANC voters still out there who have any brain cells left and can still type a coherent...
  3. W

    Facebook just a little like the Hotel California? How many of us checked into Facebook, thought we'd checked out again, and found that you can never leave? :sick:
  4. Rouxenator

    Dell Settlement reveals all intel's evil secrets :D Feels kinda good to go "Told you so!" ;)
  5. LazyLion

    Stop eating plants because..............

    ..... the Swiss Government says it is a violation of their rights!...,2933,354236,00.html